Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yoko Romo

Tonight's post is brought to you by Vicodin. I took a handful right after THE game. I needed to kill some pain. I predicted tonight's loss by the Cowboys last week. In fact the minute I heard Romo was frolicking on the beaches of mexico with that skank, I new the Cowboys would lose. He should have been studying every game film of the Giants season and learning every thing he could about every Giants defensive player, up to and including their mama's maiden name and favorite foods. But instead he was taking moonlit walks on the beach with one of the dumbest bitches on the planet. Ha. Bitches on beaches. Sometimes I crack me up. What kind of idiot flies of to mexico to get laid in the middle of the play offs? Romo. Don't get me wrong he's an OK quarterback but he's not a great quarterback. A great quarterback has what Romo is missing and that's a winning attitude.

It's not all Romo's fault. The rest of the team was lacking that killer instinct also, but he is their leader and he should have pumped them up. I guess they soaked up that "I don't give a fuck." attitude through osmosis.

Jessica is from Texas. She should know better. You don't fuck with the Cowboys during the playoffs. You don't fuck them either. She should have kept her ass away from Romo. But being the selfish little twit she is, she wanted what she wanted when she wanted it. Well now she can have his undivided attention. He doesn't have anymore games to play and due to her, he probably won't have any commercials or endorsements either. It's another case of a woman ruining a man. You would have thought that she would have learned after the Cowboys loss on Thanksgiving. I know she's not a bad luck piece for Romo, I'm well aware that she's been to other games and the Cowboys still won. But she obviously diverts Romo's attention from the game. In other words she makes him think with the wrong head. Which I understand. She is fairly attractive even if she doesn't have much of an ass. I just hope that pussy was worth it.

I predicted tonight's loss by the Cowboys and I am now predicting this will cause the end of Jessica and Tony. The media and the rabid Cowboys fans are not going to let this rest. Romo will hear it every where he goes and he will either start to believe himself or he will get tired of it. Hell maybe he will just get tired of her. But either way they're over, just like the Cowboys hope for the Superbowl.

Keep on keeping on.

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Joe said...

I think Jessica is a beast and not worth losing to the Giants over. Taking a vacation in the middle of the playoffs isn't exactly the brightest idea anyway.