Sunday, October 26, 2008

Scary Stuff

Well it's that time of year again. This is when I regal you with one of my tales of terror. This year is going to be different. Instead of a story from the past I'm going to tell you about something frightening as hell that's going on as we speak. That's right the Presidential election and the fact that America will soon be controlled by a muslim. Before all you faggoty liberals start thinking I'm a McCain supporter let me clarify that. I'm not. I believe Palin has no business being President and she would be, if McCain were to win. He's too old to survive the presidency. So sooner or later Caribou Barbie would be in charge.

Back to the scary story. Obama is going to win. That's scary enough. But there is something I need to show y'all.

OSAMA BIN LADEN. Take the "S" in Osama and change it to a "B". All you have to do is add a straight line to the front of the "S" and complete the loop at the top and you have a "B". Now you have OBAMA BIN LADEN. I know it may seem goofy, but I ain't finished yet. Now take OBAMA BIN LADEN and lose the letters "NLA" and you're left with OBAMA BI DEN. Well just push the "BI" over to the "DEN" and now you have OBAMA BIDEN. What about the "NLA", you ask. They're still there. They stand for "No Longer America" which is what we will be after Obama takes over. I just tied Obama to the super muslim.

Face it. Obama is a fucking muslim. I don't care if you think I'm just another cracker, trailer dwelling, racist, bigot, inbred redneck. Obama is a fucking muslim. My hate for him has nothing to do with the fact that he's less than 10% black. HE'S A FUCKING MUSLIM. I'll vote for a black man. Put Judge Joe Brown on the ballot and I'll vote for him. So see it has nothing to do with skin pigmentation. It has to do with handing our country over to our enemies. Yes, all muslims are our enemies. I can prove it. Muhammad fucked goats. Now every muslim in the world wants me dead. See. Enemies.

You see what's going to happen is shortly after Obama takes over is there's going be talk of incorporating "Sharia" (Islamic religious law) into our law. Some will want our Constitution amended around it. Before you call me crazy, do some research. You will find that this is taking place in countries all over the world including Great Britain. First the muslims get one of their own into public office (President of the USA is the ultimate public office) then they slowly and methodically change things to fit their way. Before you know it we all will be running around in sandals wearing robes and turbans and bowing seven times to the east.

So if you love mom, apple pie and baseball. If you love your country. If you have any level of intelligence at all. Vote for anyone but Obama. There's lots of people to vote for (write in Trashman). Don't let white guilt determine your vote (you have nothing to feel guilty for). For my black readers, don't vote for him because he's black, he's only 10% black, you'll be voting for 90% something else. If none of that stops you from voting for Obama then there's no hope for someone with your level of stupidity.

Fuck Obama. Fuck Biden. Fuck Bin Laden. Fuck muslims. Fuck anybody voting for Obama/Biden/Bin Laden/muslims. And fuck the goat fucking Muhammad.

I am the banana nuts in Jens muffin top.

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