Monday, November 14, 2005

Dead Man Walking

Has anyone noticed the gas prices going down? I think it's due to my threat of exposing the gas companies of their daily fucking of the American people. I know I've already been identified by a government agency as a kook. That's right I'm on the Kook List. I made the list as soon as they finished investigating me, after I announced my presidential candidacy. And I'm cool with that, what I'm not cool with is the big gas companies screwing the average citizen.

Here's what's going to happen. They'll lower the prices for a little while, then they'll kill me (probably make it look like an accident or a heart attack) as soon as I'm forgotten about, they'll raise the prices back up. All I'm asking in return for waking you people up to what's going on is that you don't let me be forgotten. RISE UP (in a peaceful way) and let the government and the big oil companies know that The Trashman will not be forgotten. End the tyranny now, take back your country, the land our forefathers fought and died for. Don't let big business ruin us. STAND UP and be heard. Don't let me be murdered for nothing.

I think I just went up a couple of notches on the Kook List.

This is all documented. You just have to search in the right places. You won't hear about it in the media (they're bought and paid for).

A while back the OPEC nations announced they could produce another 2,000,000 barrels of oil per day. They just needed a buyer. No one wanted it so they've been stock piling it. So much more the oil shortage. If there's no shortage why the high prices? Well the oil companies claim there are not enough refineries. That's because they bought all the refineries and closed a bunch of them. Now we need the refineries to refine the oi,l but due to EPA regulations the old refineries aren't up to code and it's damn near impossible to build new refineries to the EPA regulations. It can be done but it would take about 10 years and millions of dollars, plus as long as the oil companies can't refine fast enough they can cause an artificial shortage of sorts.

Now the really juicy shit. There are two different types of crude oil. Sweet crude and sour crude. They use two different techniques to refine them. It's more expensive to refine sour crude than sweet crude. The shit selling for $60.00 a barrel is sweet crude. Sour crude prices have remained virtually unchanged. So although it cost more to process sour crude, it's cheaper to buy. There are a few big oil companies that still use sour crude. Their price per gallon of gas goes up just like everyone else's. They refine a lower grade of crude that they buy cheaply, and use the price per barrel of sweet crude as an excuse for rising gas prices. These companies have had record breaking profits for the last four quarters. Profits into the billions of dollars, and as much as I like G.Dubya, I'm sure he's getting his cut.

Here's a list of the offenders.
1. Exxon Mobil Corp.
2. Valero (Diamond Shamrock)
3. Conoco Phillips Corp.
4. Chevron

Just about every major gas company in the free world (HA) uses sour crude.

When they kill me be sure to put up white crosses and flowers at the pump.

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