Friday, January 13, 2006

Reinforced Soap Box

I didn't start this. Jack did. All with the word Columbine. It's something I've wanted to write about for a long time but it was old news. Now Jack made it new again.

First off let me say I couldn't agree with Jack more. The fuckers needed to be put down, much like you would do to an egg sucking dog on a chicken farm. Thin the herd, if you will. Some people just need killing. Line 'em up and shoot 'em down. If y'all haven't figured it out yet I'm a firm believer in the death penalty. In fact I believe, not only should we execute murders but anybody else I feel like killing on any particular day. But that's not what this post is about. Nope. It's about the children.

I'll start with why this hits close to home. Trash Jr has SAC (special assignment center) all next week. Due to the fact that he decided to handle things himself. Seems some cock faced little fuck has been tormenting him all year. Making fun of his weight. Trash Jr is a big kid, at the age of 11 he is already 5'5". He's bigger than all the other kids in his age group. He was genetically designed to play pro football. Well all year CFLF has been making comments about Trash Jrs weight. TJ had enough and shut him up. CFLF went to the coach and cried that TJ was "bullying" him. Next thing I know I'm getting a call from the assistant principal. She informed me of TJs punishment but she wont tell me what's going on with CFLF. Something about privacy and other bullshit. Well if this CFLF is fucking with my kid how is it not my business?

Back to Columbine. The group of kids that shot the place up were not normal kids. Normal kids don't go around killing classmates. I'm not making excuses for them, but lets put on our little thinking hats for a minute here and see the big picture. These kids did what they did because they were fucked with on a daily basis. They were picked on, pushed around, called names, ridiculed, made fun of and just generally tormented. Until they snapped. And then all they were called was killers. I know there are those out there that say it all begins at home. Bullshit. What if your kids don't tell you it's going on?

I teach my kids right from wrong, I'm not saying I'm the perfect parent (shut up Jack). But I do know right from wrong and so do my kids. And the Columbine kids probably did too. But there is only so much that some people can take. They don't all have my Super Powers. Remember the big"I" on my chest?

Kids torment each other, it's just what they do. When I was a kid the tormenting lead to fights. The tormented usually beat the shit out of the tormenter. No more tormenting. Oh and no one brought a gun to school, because they couldn't take it anymore. But in this day and age when the liberals are in control of our schools, we have what's known as "Let's talk about it and have a group hug. Now cock faced little fuck don't say mean things to Trash Jr. anymore. Now don't we all feel better?" This doesn't work. TJ went through this in the third grade. He went to the teacher just like they brain washed him to do. The faculty spoke with the other child. The torment continued until I pulled my kids out of the school and put them in a private school. All TJ learned was you do what they say and you still get shit on.

Now he's in the sixth grade. He has endured this for 6 months. Not anymore. He never told Jen and I that he was having any problems. He came home every day his same normal maladjusted self. I'll be at the school Tuesady raising hell. Supporting my boy. Because he did what was right. Luckily he didn't wait until he wanted to kill the little cock licker.

You see this shit in the news all the time. Columbine, that other school, kids planning mass murder, fat depressed kid blowing his own fat fucking head off because he couldn't take it anymore. I'm not defending their actions but I understand their actions. So does my son. Talking about it doesn't do much. You become labeled a snitch, a rat, a pussy. The tormenting gets worse. Next thing you know some kid shows up at school with an AK-47 and levels the playing field. Then he gets shot either by the cops or he turns the gun on his self. Either way it's another dead kid. I blame the liberals because all they wanted to do was "talk" about it. Some things require less talk more action. Today TJ acted and I don't fucking blame him. If it would've been me the cock faced little fuck would have left on a stretcher. He should consider himself lucky.

I say charge the school administrators (what's left of them) with murder the next time some kid flakes out and kills his classmates. Because they just talked about it, he had to take action.

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