Sunday, March 12, 2006

Toe Tags

As the title suggest I am sticking with the death theme. I'm sure a lot of you thought I was dead since I haven't blogged in 2 weeks. Truth is I've been working myself to death.

Some of you are aware that I am now contracting. Take my advice and stay out of this game. It ain't fun. I've been working for a real cheap oriental lady that owns a string of laundromats and I started a bathroom remodel yesterday. In between all that, another contractor called me to finish a house he's been working on. He just got out of the hospital and no work has been done for the last three weeks. He was in a bad situation because the house had to be ready for the 15th. We agreed on a price, he said he would pay on Friday and I began working. I busted my ass for 7 days, 12 and 14 hour days. I even rescheduled some of my other work (which caused me to lose a remodel) but his work was completed on time.

He didn't show up on Friday. However another sub-contractor did. He's been chasing the contractor for a month trying to get paid. I also found out he owes the painter and the plumber. I just worked a week for free. This is not unusual in construction. Sad, but not unusual.

I've done a lot of low down, rotten, dirty things in my life. I've sold, run and bought women and drugs (ATTENTION FEDS: the statute of limitations is up on all my crimes). I've even robbed a few people and stolen from big corporations. I have never taken food out of anybodys children's mouths. Anybody I ever stole from could afford it and it didn't hurt the little guy. I know somebody is going to say "Stealing from a company only raises the prices so in effect you did hurt the little guy blah blah blah." To these people I say "EAT ME."

I've made a lot of deals with people and I've always kept my end. Never have I looked a mother fucker in the eye and given my word with the intention of ripping him off (I'd rather stab him in the back). If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. Sometimes it make take a little longer than I anticipated, but I get it done.

Some people need to be fitted for a toe tag and this guy is one of them.

On a lighter note. I always thought I was a funny mother fucker. I was wrong (I can admit it). After reading a lot of Charlie Callahans stuff, I now realize I ain't shit. I bow to the king.

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