Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dr. Farb or Dr. Scrivello. You Decide

I had a cavity filled about 10 days ago. It was a pretty big cavity but the dentist said he was happy with the filling and everything should be OK. The filling lessened the pain so I figured the cost of $300.00 was worth it. Every day the pain got better. Until Sunday. Sunday I lived on Anbesol and Vicodin. Monday was worse. Last night I took 5 Vicodins before the pain would let up. I was fuuuuuucked up. Sometimes Vicodin can be fun. Today I was back at the dentist. He said the nerve was dying. I had 2 choices. Root canal ($950.00) or extraction ($222.00). I am now missing another tooth. My problem with this is he just worked on the same tooth 10 days ago. So far it has cost me $522.00. That and today I was in his office for 39 minutes, in the chair for 20 minutes and he only worked on me for 10 minutes. I figure he made $341.54 per hour if you go with my total time in his office. If you figure the time he actually spent working on me then he made a whopping $666.00 an hour. How fitting is it that's the number of the beast? That's just for today's visit, I didn't include the filling. If I would have, I would probably have had a heart attack. Plus the fact that he has 8 rooms that are full all the time. I can't figure that high.

When I asked about the pricing of my 2 options, the office girl wanted to know if I had insurance or not. It seems there are 2 different prices. The one for people with insurance is higher. So the good doctor is ripping off the insurance companies by charging them higher prices. The insurance companies in turn pass the savings to their customers with higher premiums. Another thing. Dental insurance is not insurance it's a plan. Insurance is when you pay premiums to someone, then when a problem arises they foot the bill, minus the deductible of course. A dental plan means you pay premiums, then when a problem arises they negotiate a lower price for you to pay the dentist, after you pay the deductible of course.

When I asked what could be done about the vacant spot in my mouth, the first thing they mentioned was implants. Guess what those cost. $4500.00 per tooth. Fuck me running with a spoon. There is no way in hell they can justify these prices. I asked the imbecile at the front desk how come there's a company that advertises on a bill board on the way to Austin that they can do a full set of store bought teeth for just over $300.00. Her answer was "I don't know how anybody could do it that cheap." Well I do. They're not trying to fuck anybody.

My problem is we give prisoners free dental. We give illegal aliens (wet backs) free dental. We give welfare recipients free dental. We give all sorts of people free dental, and I can't get a tooth pulled at a reasonable price. I don't want free dental. I just want a fair price. I know he has to pay his student loans but I didn't ask to put his kids through college. He just moved into a new private building and he has a least 11 flat screen HD TVs that I have counted. I think for what I'm paying him I should get to take one of them home with me. At the very least he could have had the hygienist blow me while he was fucking me in the ass.

Keep on taking vicodin.

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