Sunday, April 06, 2008

Enemy Mine

I don't know how many of y'all keep up with the news, particularly the news on the muslim community. But unless you've been living in a cave or under a rock, I don't know how you could have missed the big hoopla about the anti-muslim film made by the politician from the Netherlands. It seems those poor bastards have a really large muslim community and Geert Wilders is trying to do something about it. If you want to see the film, Jethro has a link to it on his blog.

The film shows muslims committing acts of violence against real humans. I say real humans because muslims have proven time and time again that they are not human. No feeling, caring, person with any kind of conscience could perform these acts against another person. Someone with any kind of love for another person couldn't fly a plane into a building. A person with a heart could not cut off the head of a bound and screaming victim. These are acts committed by animals. Barbaric, cave dwelling animals. Not humans. Don't get me wrong I really wouldn't have a problem killing another person either. But if I were to kill somebody it would be in self defense or perhaps an act of vengeance against someone that had harmed one of my family. It would not be slow and painful, it would be quick and as pain free as a .357 magnum can be. Do you realize what kind of beast you would have to be to saw off someones head while they're screaming?

The muslims kill because their so called "god" told them to. Allah has told them to kill all non-innocents. Muslims are innocent of everything, all other religions, especially Jews, are not innocent. They'll kill you if you speak out against the muslim religion, they'll kill you if you draw pictures of their prophet Mohammad but most importantly they'll kill you for not being muslim. They want to rid the world of all non-muslims. The muslim religion is about nothing more than world domination. You can hear their imams preaching about on a daily basis, just watch the news.

The muslims have set up dummy charities in this country so that the liberals can donate money and said money can be filtered and fed into terrorist organizations so that they can kill us by using our own fucking money. They're crazy but they ain't stupid. There's nothing more dangerous than a smart murderous animal and it seems that the muslims have cornered the market on them.

The one thing that give the humans power over the animals is the ability to reason. Animals are lacking in that and so are muslims. You can't reason with a zealot. They believe what they believe. And the muslims believe we should all die. Not just an ordinary death either, but a death full of pain and torture. A slow, miserable, horrible, painful, ghastly death preferably in front of our loved ones, before they suffer the same fate.

Bottom line is war has been declared on us by the muslims. They will not stop until we are all dead. Muslim is muslim, there are no peace loving muslims. Muslims are taught by their Quran to hate all non-muslims, to them we are lower than dog shit on their shoes, maybe that's why they are offended when someone shows them the bottom of a shoe (see, no reasoning). I say if it's war they want, then lets give it to them. I know we are already fighting them in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we wont win those battles (you can't win a war when the politicians are involved). I'm talking about the kind of war where entire cities and towns are wiped out. Men, women and children, it doesn't matter because they are all the enemy. Maybe they're not old enough to pick up a gun or carry a bomb on a plane, but believe me they are in training. From the day they are born they are trained to hate us with a passion that can't be matched. Eventually they will be able to pick up that gun or board that plane with a bomb, and they will do it because from birth they were being prepared for that moment. So lets stop it now.

I realize I sound like a zealot myself. But I'm not saying let's kill them because they don't believe in our God. I'm saying, let's cut off the head of the hydra. I'm saying, THEY declared war, THEY started this fight, let's end it and the ONLY way we can win it, is to fight their fight. You can't win another mans game if you don't play by his rules, and the muslims don't have any rules. There are rules to war, rules that we follow. They don't follow any rules. It's a losing situation for us. How can we ever win if we have to get permission to shoot back? We can't.

There is a new mosque in town. That's right, the beast resides in Round Rock, Texas. They are housed in what used to be a Baptist church. It happened over night. I drive T3 to school everyday down the same road. One day, Baptist church the next, mosque. They are spreading through out our country slowly and methodically. They are preparing to attack us from within and most of our population is sitting on their hands with their eyes closed, oblivious to the danger. Not me. I'm preparing for battle. When the shit hits the fan, I plan on being untouched by the turds.

Keep on keeping on.

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