Sunday, April 27, 2008

FLDS or American Injustice

I’ve been waiting to post about this for awhile. I wanted to see how things played out before I opened my big mouth and brought the attention of the government back on to me. Well they’ll be looking at me again. The government doesn’t like when you question them or disagree with them. I tend to do both. That’s why I’m on their kook list.

I know a lot of you will disagree with me on this but I don’t really care, cause in my world the only opinion that matters is mine. This post is going to seem kind of rambling at times. I can’t seem to put my thoughts in any kind of order today but I still need to say it, so here goes.

This time the government has certainly over stepped their bounds. They’ve raided a religious sanctuary and stolen 462 children from their mothers. Here’s where some of you candy asses say “but Trash, they were saving the children from sexual abuse”. Last I heard there needed to be some kind of proof of abuse to take kids away from their parents. I realize the police received a call from a “16 year old girl” saying she was raped and beaten by her 50 something year old husband. With this information they got a search warrant. A warrant that should be null and void since the phone call was actually placed by a 30 year old “African American” woman from Colorado that is known for placing bogus calls to the police. I know that even though the call was bogus if the police saw something illegal going on they could do something about it. They didn’t see shit.

What they did find was some pregnant 13 year old girls. I can find those in any middle school. They found some kids that didn’t know who their daddies were and a whole lot of half brothers and sisters. I can find that in any ghetto. They found some young girls married to old men. Hell this is the south, that sort of shit goes on all the time. It gives me hope to find a new bride when Jen finally gets tired of my ass. Plus it’s part of their culture. I know it’s not really the American way but it seems to be their way.

I could go on and on about what the government has done to the FLDS in Eldorado, Texas. The bottom line is it's just another case of the government going run amok They didn't know what was going on on the ranch and they were not in control of the people out there. So they did what they had to do. They used the first opportunity to get onto the ranch and take away the children. Now they're in control.

The FLDS lived on a ranch until the feds surrounded it, then it became a compound. It's an old government trick to call things a compound because it makes the average citizen believe something ominous was going on. For instance The Branch Davidians houses became a compound when the feds surrounded it, also Randy Weaver lived on a compound the minute the feds surrounded his cabin and murdered his wife.

The powers that be have not proven any wrong doing on the part of the FLDS so they were wrong in taking the children away from their mothers. They were wrong for entering the ranch in the first place but that, I can understand due to the phone call they received from the crazy bitch. The minute they found out the call was bogus the children should have been returned to their mothers. I can understand them wanting to keep everyone separated from the men folk until they were sure there wasn't any forced marriages or any girls to young to be married getting married. But the women are not guilty of a damn thing. This is where you say "but Trash the women are guilty of not leaving and keeping their daughters in danger." Wrong again. These women grew up in the FLDS, they've been in it for generations, they don't know any other way or life.

The do gooders have jumped on this calling the girls victims and the boys future predators. They obviously have not heard of the Lost Boys. If you don't want to read the link the short version is as boys approach manhood the are chased off so they won't be competion for the old dudes when it comes time for the girls to marry. They are basically excommunicated (if thats what Mormons do) and left to fend for themselves as homeless young men in Salt Lake City. What I want to know is why are the girls victims and the boys predators. I would think that if this is really going on all the children would be victims. Victims of Warren Jeffs but not victims of their parents.

Time for the recap.
1. Pregnant tennagers
2. Who's my daddy
3. Half siblings
4. Supposed abuse, but no proof

You can find all the same things in any high rise tenement ghetto building in every major city in America. The difference is the government controls the people in the ghetto They do this through welfare and other entitlement programs which makes up 80% of the American budget. They however did not control the FLDS and they can't stand that. Now they have the children so they have the control.

CPS has shipped the children all over Texas to foster homes. Lets assume there wasn't any abuse going on (innocent until proven guilty) and all the children are returned to their families, I'm betting after being in the foster care system alot of the children will no longer be able to say they weren't abused. The courts are allowing the mothers visitation (seems like maybe the children weren't in any danger). What I want to know is how are these mothers supposed to drive the hundreds of miles in some cases to visit their children for a short period of time before being whisked away again and dear old mom is sent packing. Hell that sounds like abuse to me. Abuse of people by their government. Nothing new there.

If the government wants to go after a religion why don't they go after Scientology. Why don't they sweep into every middle school in the country and take all the pregnant teenagers away from their parents. Hey if you don't know who the daddy is maybe they should take those kids away too. Shit I forgot about the DNA samples they took rom everybody, you can't tell me those wont wind up in a government DNA database. Oops forgot the polygomy too. Who cares if these guys have more than one wife. I think it's amazing they could put up with that much drama.

No matter how this plays out. Abuse or no abuse. The government has started the ball rolling. A ball of total control and they wont be happy until that ball rolls over the entire American population. They will accomplish this as long as we let them continue to take innocent children away their innocent mothers.

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