Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spanish Moon

My youngest son (T3) has a great sense of humor. His delivery is always right on time and flawless. He will sit for hours and never say a word then suddenly out of left field he'll hit you.

I was going to do some laundry (women's work) and I wanted him to gather the dirty towels and some hangers for me.

Trash: "T3. I need a couple of things."
T3: "What? A hooker and an eight ball?"
Trash: "Damn it. Now I need four things."
T3: "Let me guess. Three hookers and an eight ball?"

Funny fuckin' kid.

I got a call from an unknown number yesterday. I said hello and waited through five seconds of silence. Just as I said FUCK YOU and got ready to hang up I heard a woman say hello. If this was you and I know you then I'm sorry about that. If I don't know you, then.... well FUCK YOU.

Speaking of phone calls. My number is going away (long boring story). I have a new number waiting. If you have my number and want the new one email me. If you don't have my number email me. And any ladies out there that just want to talk dirty to me and guess where my other hand is, email me.

It's nekkid time again. Keep on keeping on.

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