Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Blame It On The White Man

I was going to post a different story tonight to kind of go along with the last story. I figured since I had mentioned the subject of backdoor sex I might as well stay there. But now I'm mad as hell.

This afternoon Trashman Jr. burst into the house yelling "Mom, Dad come quick the police are here because me and Master (not his real name, but close enough to sound exactly like the word means) got into a fight."

Now , Master is the son of the guy from across the street . You know the guy that went to jail for exposing himself. I would add a link if I knew how, but the post is called "It Was A Simpler Time". Anyway back to the issue. Turns out Trashman Jr. and Master got into a fight over some silly shit. Master called T.J., "White Boy", "Fat Bitch", Mother Fucker" and assorted other names. Now I'm sure my son is not innocent in all of this, but I know not once did my boy go racial (he is aware of the ramifications). There were several witnesses to the incident. They all say Master pushed T.J. first and started calling him names. The story goes something like this from the details I've gathered.

Masters pants fell down. (Not unusual since he wears them by his knees anyway.)
T3 (Trashman III): "Pull your pants up"
Master: "What you say fat bitch?"
T.J. "What did you call my brother?"
Master (in T.J.s face): "I called him a fat bitch."
T.J. (waving his hand and laughing): "You're breath stinks. I can smell it for miles."
Master: "Fuck you Honky." (I'm not kidding folks he said honky)
T.J. (bewildered): "honky? uuuhhhhh O.K."
Master shoves T.J.
POP POP...T.J. nails Master twice in the face.
Master leaves and comes back with a dogs choker chain wrapped around his hand.
Master: "Fuck you White Boy. Yo Granny is a Ho. Yo whole family is ho's. Yo Mamma is a lunatic. Yo Daddy is Fat."
T.J. : "Well at least my Daddy didn't go to jail."
Master swings with the wrapped hand grazing T.J.s chest.
POP POP...T.J. nails Master twice more in the face.

Somebody called the cops because Master had a golf bag with clubs and tennis rackets to use as weapons. These were brought by one of his friends. Master said he needed them because everybody was going to jump him. BULLSHIT!!! The cops saw it for what it was, just kids being stupid and they left.

Master stood in his front yard yelling and screaming for at least 10 minutes blaming his little brother for what happened. I thought it was finished, boy was I wrong.

Two hours later Mr. Pervert and his wife are knocking on my door demanding to know why the cops were called. Where were they two hours ago? Jen and I tried to explain it was nothing just kids being kids. The whole while Master is screaming it's T.J.s fault. He said this, he said that. Not once did he mention what he had said. We were told that T.J. didn't need to upset Master like that...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH. I caught the kid in several lies and busted him on the spot not once did his parents say a word to him. His mom was worried that CPS would be notified (WHY would CPS be notified...unless you already have a file on you?). From there they went to see the parent's that witnessed the whole thing. Jen and I went back inside to do our own thing, thinking once again it was over. I sent T.J. to roll the garbage out by the curb, when he came back inside he asked to speak to Jen and I in private away from T3.

Trashman: "What's the problem?"
Trashman Jr :"When I took the trash out I heard A.J. talking to Master"
Trashman: "and?"
Trashman Jr : "He was yelling at Master for getting he ass whooped by a white boy."
Trashman: "Don't worry about it son, go play a game or something."

Not once did my son say or do or even think anything racial. If he had it would have come out of his ever running mouth. I'm sure his being the character that he is did not help to diffuse the situation any. But the nerve of that perverted piece of shit. I mean WHAT THE FUCK, are white people the only ones that are supposed to teach our children to not be racial? Are we the only ones that should teach our children to accept everybody for who they are not what they are? I try to teach my kids right and wrong. I know I'm wrong a lot, that sort of makes me an expert. I am a redneck(it means something different to me than most people), I believe in some racial generalizations, I don't believe in the separation of the races, I believe that people should be accepted or not on their actions not their heritage. I know which of these things to teach my kids and which ones to avoid like the plague. I grew up in a racist home, I will not teach my kids to think the way I was brought up. It's just wrong. Yet I have to live with the fact that fucking idiot across the street is teaching his kids about the "WHITE DEVIL". I also have issues with a black man naming his son so that the white man will have to call him masta. Next thing you know he's going to knock on my door wanting slavery reparations.

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