Sunday, August 08, 2004

Get Back In The Kitchen

Alright ladies read the whole thing before you decide to string me up. This will probably piss a few of you off, but if I have to, I have to. You will also find that I contradict myself a lot, I am a complex individual after all. Now onto the matter at hand.

It has always been my contention that men and women were not equal. There is man's work and woman's work, these are two different things. I'm not saying women shouldn't be paid equal wages. If she can do equal work then she should get equal pay. The thing is she shouldn't be doing man's work. A man's work is outside the home dealing with the daily grind and coming home to a loving family. A woman's work is building that loving family. I did not come by this opinion on my own. I was raised by my mother (mostly) and she helped to build my chauvinistic beliefs.

I strongly believe that a lot of the problems with society today is due to the fact that moms are not staying at home. Are you mad yet? Moms used to stay at home and take care of the children and Dads went to work and paid the bills. Times were good. Somewhere along the way everything got all screwed up. Women decided they needed a "career". What's wrong with raising the children? Sounds like a lifetime job to me.

Men also decided they didn't need to take care of there own. They just ran around knocking up any girl that would lay down with them and why not because "It's the girls responsibility to not get pregnant."Why? Because their mother didn't teach them right from wrong. It's a mother that teaches you to face up to your responsibilities. Your dad only teaches you how to catch. It's also the mothers responsibility to teach their daughters to keep there legs closed. THAT can not be learned from a man and it's a subject no man should ever talk about to his daughter. Guys if you are a single father, go to an aunt or grandmother or if you have to, hire someone, Let your daughters learn about the birds and the bees from a woman. There is no way in hell we can put it into a perspective they could learn from. After all we are built differently.

Women want equal rights. Are you kidding me? Haven't you figured out equal rights for women are a step backwards? You should be put on a pedestal and revered. You have evolved better than us. You have the ability to feel. We have the ability to fight. You have the ability to love. We have the ability to destroy. You should have the door opened and held for you. You should have your chair pulled out for you. You should have heavy things carried and moved for you. No, you want to open your own door, pull out your own chair, carry you own things. What's wrong with you?

I realize that in today's society it's not reasonable for a woman to stay at home and raise the kids. I know it takes a double income to make it with the cost of living as high as it is. My wife works, I'm not happy about it, but that's the way it is. Hell I'm jobless right now, but when I'm at work she makes more than I do. That doesn't even upset me. What upsets me is I should be at work and she should be raising the kids. I can't give them what they need no matter how hard I try.

I'm not saying women should cook, and clean and be chained to the stove barefoot and pregnant. (Even if it does sound like heaven.) How about now, are you mad now? I cook, clean, do dishes, wash laundry, and all sorts of women's work. I even try to have supper on the table when Jen gets home. It better be warm too, she doesn't like cold food. Seriously, women have the right to work as much as any man, but if your going to have kids, do your damnedest to stay home and raise them.

When I was knee high to a grasshopper my mom stayed at home and she was a positive role model. My father came home at night and doled out any necessary punishment, which wasn't very often because my mom raised me right. She gave me the love and encouragement that a child needs to grow up right. Unfortunately they got divorced and everything changed.

My mom had to get a job to pay the bills, so for two years I didn't have a father or a mother. Then my real father showed up when I was eight. My mom kept working to pay the bills because his money was beer money. So now I had a drunk father and my mom was always at work. Now see if she had stayed in the kitchen I would have been getting my love and encouragement. But instead I was learning how to cuss, play pool, and steal cars.


CountChocula said...

Yowza. Damn, I wish this post was on a day that I was actually in the right headspace to disagree/agree, what have you...but would like to say, that my husband would LOVE you.

Trashman said...

Thank you for stopping by. :) I appreciate the comments.

David said...

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