Thursday, February 16, 2006

Discrimination: Keeping The Cracker Down.

My people, I have discovered a conspiracy. A conspiracy of the worst kind. This one is designed with our children in mind. It's not being perpetrated by the government, but by big business. A business aimed at our beloved little ones. A business that's trying to show our babies that white is not good but all other colors are, by packaging a delicious treat with a rainbow full of colors representing every race but the white one.

That's right, I'm talking about those fucking M&M's. I opened a package and all I saw, was Mars Corp trying to keep whitey down. It doesn't stop at M&M's either, there's also Skittles and Starburst, but I'm focusing on the chocolatey demon treats.

Let's examine a bag. Run down to your corner store a steal a bag (don't buy one, you'll be feeding the corporate machine) I'll wait.

Good you're back. Tear it open. Gaze upon the evil.

What have we here?

First the black/dark brown M&M representing the blacks, african Americans, afro-Americans, people of color and hispanics, latin Americans, latino Americas, and illegal aliens.

Second the yellow M&M representing the orientals, asians, asian Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans, Vietnamese and Jethro.

Third the red M&M representing the Indians, native Americans, redskins, hethens, and scalp takers.

Fourth the orange M&M representing all the people of mixed ancestry, because lets face it, their color is a little bit off anyway.

Fifth the green M&M. Even the fucking Martians got a M&M

Lets not forget the blue M&M for the people of the lost city of Atlantis.

See what I'm getting at? Everybody got a fucking M&M except the white man, honkey, cracker, and redneck. It doesn't matter what flavor of M&M you bought, they're all the same. They're all keeping the white man down. Where's Jesse Jackson now? Where's Reverend Al Sharpton? Where's Louis Farrakhan? Where are all the people screaming for equality? For it's true we are not equal and we never will be as long as there's not a white M&M.

Ray Nagin says he wants a chocolate city. I say he doesn't need to look any farther than a bag of M&M's.

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