Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cookin' With Jen

The other night Jen was browning some hamburger meat for her famous noodle sauce. The burger meat smelled really good and I let her know it.

Trashman: "Damn that burger meat smells good."
Jen: "Good burger meat always does."
Trashman: "Burger meat is burger meat."
Jen: "No. It's not, the more expensive stuff is better. It's real meat."
Trashman: "The cheap stuff is real meat too. It just hit the floor a few more times."
Jen: "The good stuff is more meat and less fat. The cheap stuff is just fat and gristle."
Trashman: (In my best hillbilly voice) "I love me some fat and gristle. That's why I married you."

I'll let y'all know when she's talking to me again. Until then.

Keep on keeping on.

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