Friday, March 21, 2008

Don't Be Hatin'

mint julip
Good genetics ain't the only reason I'm so fucking hot.

For you guys out there that can't wait to make some homo remark about me because you're afraid of those feelings you get when you're around certain dudes. Yes. I realize that I've been tea bagged.

Keep on keeping on.

I walked into the house today and Jen was digging around in MY sewing kit.

Trash: "You sewing something?"
Jen: "No. I just need a straight pin."
Trash: "If you ain't sewing then stay out of my sewing kit."
Trash Jr: "First you get a gaycial and now you sew?"
Trash: "You think sewing is gay?"
Trash Jr: "Yep. Are you getting in touch with your feminine side?"
Trash: "My foot's about to get in touch with your backside. The only thing feminine I do is shop."
Trash Jr: "You do shop like a chick."

If I quit smoking I'm pretty sure I could catch him.

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