Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just A Thought

The next time you walk into a convenience store and that maniacal looking mother fucker behind the counter says "Hello" "How are you?" or any other stupid greeting, maybe you should think about answering him. Because the truth is he doesn't care how you are. He only says these things because the powers that be require him to, in order to keep his job. He doesn't care about you or your kids or your job or your day or the fuckin' crusty drawers you're wearing. Maybe he would rather have you tied up somewhere cold and and damp, dark and musty, while he methodically dismembers you and keeps you alive and awake during the process.

So when you walk into a store and the counter monkey says "Hey , how are you?" Maybe you should say "Great and yourself?" After all it could keep you free, in the sun and in one piece.

I'm just sayin'.

Keep on keepin' on.

1 comment:

Jammie J. said...

I *always* return the greeting. Always. I say "I'm okay. How's the world treating you?" Then, I go one further, I also make eye contact, because I really do care.

I'm weird that way.