Wednesday, September 15, 2004

All Expenses Paid 2 Week Trip To Hell

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has commented on my last post. Thank you.

As most of you know, Jen and I are expecting a new addition to our family sometime in about seven months. That is, if everything goes according to the unplanned. We are not to sure what is happening at this point.

Jen has been to the ER twice in the last two weeks and to the regular Dr once. She has been having some bleeding and cramping problems. It was so severe she thought she was having a miscarriage. According to her three ultrasounds the baby is still there.

She has a blood clot trying to work its way between the uterine wall and the placenta. According to the Dr this is fairly common. 85% of the time it just goes away.

They tried to put her on emergency disability but she wouldn't have anything to do with that. She is our only source of income at this point and the bills have to be paid.

So the Dr told her to get plenty of rest and stay off her feet as much as possible. This is where the fun starts. Me being the great fucking guy that I am, I dove head first into the whole "I can do everything you just relax babe" pool.

So my day goes like this.
Get up make coffee.
Get Jen up ask her how she feels.
Get boys up for school.
Ask Jen how she feels.
Fix breakfast for boys.
Walk with Jen to car, ask her how she feels.
Wave goodbye to Jen.
Get boys off to school.
Drink coffee.
Call Jen tell her boys got to school, ask her how she feels.
Get showered and changed.
Put on laundry.
J. picks me up to job hunt for a job that fits between Jens schedule.
Call Jen ask her how she feels.
Go back home and do more laundry.
Clean house.
Call Jen and ask how she feels.
Boys come home and I help them with homework.
Finish cleaning house.
Call Jen and ask her how she feels.
Jen comes home.
I go to store and get anything we need.
Come home and fix dinner.
Pop into bedroom and ask Jen how she feels.
Feed boys.
Get boys ready for bed.
Do more laundry.
Ask Jen how she feels
Put kids in bed.
Watch Jen sleep.
Hear Jen snore.

This has been going on every day for two weeks with some slight changes on weekends. Weekends I take the boys somewhere so Jen can have some peace and quiet.

The cramping and bleeding finally started subsiding today but Jen still needs to stay in bed until her next appointment in two weeks.

I still read everyones blogs when I get a little time and I plan on writing sometime, so please be patient with me.

Thanks for reading. I got to go watch Jen snore.

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