Thursday, September 23, 2004


This is the last of a string of post about Jens pregnancy. Trashman IV or Trashette 1 (for you people that thought I wouldn't put the stem on the apple) was called home.

Jens appointment with the specialist was today. We were told by the Dr. that she would need to be re-admitted into the hospital so she could have a D & C and so she could receive more blood. This was recommended for Jens safety, the Dr. said sooner or later she would miscarry. He's been doing this for 12 years and he has never seen one like this go full term. He said he would call her regular Dr. and make the arrangements.

After we walked out of his office Jen said she was cramping and she wanted to go home. No sooner than we got home she started bleeding again. I called her Dr. and was told to take her to the emergency room. I got her checked in at the E.R. and went to pick up the kids from school.

The boys and I got back to the hospital and I went in to see her. I sat with her for a few minutes while the nurse was fussing around. Jen raised up off the bed a little bit and I saw she was swimming in blood. Jen said I didn't look to good and told me to go check on the kids. The nurse said she would come get me just as soon as the Dr. saw Jen.

After about 45 minutes I went back to check on Jen again and I was informed by the Dr. that she had miscarried. An ultrasound was ordered and a possible D & C. Jen told me to take the boys home because they were really wound up and she would call as soon as she was in a room.

Two hours later the hospital chaplain called and expressed her sympathy and told me what room Jen was in. The boys and I went to see her. The ultrasound was clear, she didn't need a D & C and she wanted something from Jack in the Box. I went and got her something to eat and sat with her for a while. She said she was really tired and wanted me to take the boys home. Hopefully she will be home tomorrow.

I know they do a lot of stem cell research with fetus and other pregnancy parts are used for research also. So any disease cured within the next 10 years, Jen and I are taking credit for it. So you're welcome world.

I would like to give a special thank you to the following people. Jens doctor, Jens employer, Angela , vadergrrrl, Jack, Zelda, el sid, Kristin, Jamie, Ang, (just me), April, tCj, Richard, angi, Jay, Becca, Inanna, Kat, Celti, Tricia, Jenn, Fleece, Seth, Ford W. Maverick, Brandon, Wendy, cybele, Daly, boo, Jethro, nita, Anita, Jenny, Sara, Rob and Todd Vodka. Your prayers and well wishes were and always will be greatly appreciated.

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