Thursday, April 14, 2005

According To The Experts.....

Mom got her everything scanned yesterday. They ran every test possible on her, except for the PET Scan, whatever that is. The doctor said he doesn't think she has cancer and if she does it is just barely beginning. He told her that he thinks she has (in her words) "pulmonary sumthin or nuther". He is sending her to a breathing specialist, Monday. They want to see if her lungs will survive surgery, if she passes the test, they are going to cut out the "pulmonary sumthin or nuther". After she gave me this info she told me; "Don't start counting your money yet." I happily informed her that "if she gave me my share now, she wouldn't have to worry about me waiting for her to die". It was nice to hear her laugh and if felt good to laugh with her.

So, since I received good news today, I am going to make some of you ladies very happy. I know you miss Jack, and I know a lot of you were big fans of his scuba diving pictures (something about his arms). Well I found another picture of Jack on the beach for you to enjoy. Without further ado..........

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I just want to add a BIG Thank you to all of y'all for the well wishes and prayers. I give all the credit to y'all for my moms good news.

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