Tuesday, April 26, 2005


What Would Trashman Do?

I know a lot of you spend your days thinking about me, wondering what kind of guy I really am. Well I'm going to give you the opportunity to delve into my psyche and solve some of your problems at the same time. This will be a unique chance to see my take on things. A once in a lifetime deal (unless I come up short on subjects, then I'll probably do this again).

So here's what we're going to do. If you have a question for me, leave it in the comments section, unless it's a really long scenario then email it to me at trashman64@gmail.com.

These questions can be about any problem you have, but I won't answer questions like favorite food, favorite color, none of that crap. I am here to solve YOUR problems.

Let's say your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you or your boss is giving you a hard time. Just ask me what to do. Your car won't start? I've got the answer. Neighbors too noisy? I can tell you how to fix it. Fellas, are you too shy to talk to the hot girl down the street? I'll hook you up. Ladies, do you notice an unusual smell emanating from your nether regions? I am the man that nose (knows) what to do. Are you being stalked? I have first hand experience with this one. Want to get revenge on someone? God left me in charge of that department until He gets back. Feel free to ask me about any problem you have or make one up, it doesn't matter to me.

All questions and answers will be published in the next post. If you want your question to remain anonymous email me at trashman64@gmail.com and let me know.

Remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, except for the one you just asked.

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