Saturday, November 03, 2012

Driving My Life Away

I"m not supposed to drive but I do a shit ton of it. I have to make sure everybody gets to where they need to be. Got to get The Wife to work Then I have to get T3 to school. Then I get Jr to work. Then I pick the Wife up from work and Jr from work. Then I get T3 from school. After the I take Jr to his second job. On Jr's days off I have to pick up and drop his girlfriend. In between all that I wait .I wait for who needs a ride next. If I'm not driving I'm waiting. This means I can't do any of the things I want or need to accomplish.

I have several website ideas that will make me rich. I also like to make things. Little things. Things that take time and a lot of concentration. Well by the time I get set up and ready to start I have to put everything away so I can pick somebody up or drop them off..

Did I mention that in order to do all this driving I have to skip some of my meds. Meds that keep me from hurting so I'm in pain all day. It all makes me pretty grumpy. Of course when I get grumpy everybody gives me shit about it. It's enough to make me crazier.

Anyway I'm tired of being grumpy, in pain, waiting, and being the designated driver.

Drive Angry.


Zelda said...

Somehow it just isn't right that the guy on painkillers is the DD.

Charmed Rogers said...

Ditto what Zelda said! You need a DD for yourself!