Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Morons (or those that voted for Hussein)

You poor misguided fools. If you think the last four years were bad just wait for the next four. It's goning to be all the same shit all over again. He ain't gonna fix shit. He give his pretty little speeches and then not do a damn thing, He should be impeached and then prosecuted for Benghazi.  Lets not forget Operation Fast and Furious. He's quickly running out of people to throw under the bus. Sooner or later he's going to have to take responsibility for his actions. Let's just hope it's sooner before he cuts the military to the point that we get taken over by a foreign country.

Learn Chinese.

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Always America First said...

Great to see you back, cant wait for that old badass muthafucker to start with the blogging. The internet just got fun again. Fuck the HNIC and all its minions. But i do disagree with you on today's post. It will never have to take responsiblity for its actions just look at what its doing about the debt problem. And we are already taken over by not 1 but foreign countries. China and Mexico (everyone for south of Texas is Mexican lets be honest). Good see you back hope you start feeling better too.