Monday, November 05, 2012

NoMoPoHo Post number somefuckingthing

I will soon be fitted for a straight jacket. I'm sure of it. Between The Wife going on strike as far as house work, Jr knocking up his girlfriend and T3 busting his head open when he thought he could step out of a moving car. I swear I'm looney tunes. I'm just glad Duck Dynasty is back on. Those rednecks help keep me sane. When I'm watching them I forget the hell that my so called life has become. I love redneck TV. Can't get enough of it. I don't care that most of it is faked reality. Give me some dumbass rednecks on the boob tube (HA I said boob) and I am as happy as..........something that's really happy.

I know my post have not been up to par but I'm slowly working my way back into this shit. I have a couple of GREAT stories lined up and ready but I need to get my readership back up. So put the word out for me. One of the stories will shock and amaze you the other will sicken you and make most of you hate me.

Intriguing huh?

You do you and I'll do you.

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Charmed Rogers said...

I just discovered Duck Dynasty this season and LOVE it! Makes me wanna hunt duck!