Friday, December 31, 2004

The Littlest Warrior

Jack called me at work tonight to ask me if I ever talked to Angi and Tommy. He told me Savannah was having severe problems. He asked me to let them know they were in his thoughts. I haven't been able to think of much else since. You see on numerous occasions I've told them that Savannah was in mine and Jens prayers. What that means is, I tell Jen what's going on and she prays. I haven't talked to God in a long time. That is until tonight.

When I came home from work I went to Savannah's site. I wanted to more about this little girl. All that I really knew, was that she needed a new liver and by some miracle she got it. Everything I knew came from reading Angi's blog.

I sat down and began reading Savannah's story. I scrolled to the bottom of the page and worked my way up. I'll admit I didn't read everything. But I read most. I read until my eyeballs bled. Now I know Savannah has some form of rare disorder called, Urea Cycle Disorder Citrullinemia. She has had to battle her entire life. She has had to eat special food, measured out very carefully. If she gets too much protein, she has problems. She has had a feeding tube for most of her life. She has been in and out of the hospital. She has even been in a coma. It seems the last four years has been one long fight for this little girl.

What really gets me is that in every picture that I've seen of this child, she is smiling. She continues to fight these health issues and yet she remains smiling and happy. I truly admire her spirit.

Tonight this little warrior managed to get me to do something I haven't done in years. Tonight I prayed. I prayed for her and I prayed for her family. I don't know if God was listening to me or not, but it seems if she could get me to do what no other has been able to, that ought to be worth something. Shouldn't it?

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