Wednesday, January 26, 2005


There are a lot of differences between men and women. One of the main differences is the way we look at each other. Women are looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect while men are looking for a woman that will just put up with our bullshit. A man will accept a woman for who and what she is, hell that's why he likes her. Yet a woman wants a man she can mold into her ideal man.

I've been seeing a lot of this lately. Why do women insist on changing their man. When a man sees a women he likes, he thinks "I like her". That's all he thinks. When a woman sees a man she likes, she thinks "I like him, but he would be better if__________". Then she comes up with a list of things to change about him.

I've got news for you ladies. He ain't changing. Get used to it. He will always be the same guy you met and decided to spend your life with. Don't ask him to wear a different style of clothes. Don't try to get him to like that weird music you listen to. Don't try to stop him from burping at the table or farting in public. Don't expect him to give up football on Sundays. Don't think for a minute he's going to stop masturbating. Oh sure there will be subtle changes over the years, but these are changes he wants to make not changes you want him to make. Leave him alone, he's not bothering you.

I'm sure a lot of you ladies will disagree with me. That's what the comments are for. You'll be saying things like "I'm not like that. I love _______ for the way he is." I'm not going to argue with you, this is just my opinion, and you don't want to admit I'm right.

Jen would love it if I would stop ripping the sleeves off my shirts. She would love it if I would wear collared shirts and dress shoes. She would love it if I would stop shaving my head. She would do flips if I stopped burping and farting. She wants me to stop cussing. But then I wouldn't be me. I would be phony, fake, a farce, not real, an imitation Trashman if you will. She gave up trying to change me a long time ago, but she gave it one hell of a shot.

I like women with big hair. I like to much eye shadow (preferably blue). I like women that look like whores and have no class. That's not Jen. She's pure class straight through. She's different than the kind of girls I'm used to. That's why I love her. I wouldn't change a thing about her.

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