Friday, January 28, 2005


This has been one hell of a week. Actually the story starts last Friday. Some girl in Trash Jr's class handed him a note that said "Tell Hunter (another boy in the class) to kill the teacher." Well Trash Jr. turned the note in because he was aware of the fallout should he be caught with it. She was also busted for stealing a cell phone from another girl in class. The teacher dismissed the whole incident and assumed it was all over. WRONG.

Wednesday the same girl (we'll call her DQ for Drama Queen) suddenly burst into tears and said Trash Jr. slapped her. There were two witnesses that said he never touched her. Once again the teacher talked to everybody involved and dismissed the incident. I was never contacted. Trash Jr. told me about it when he came home from school. I figured it was over since no one called me. WRONG.

Thursday DQ went to AP (you remember AP from this story) and changed her story. Now she says Trash Jr. grabbed her arms and slammed her against the wall and threatened to kill her. AP dragged Trash Jr. into her office and told him if DQ says it again he will be sent to Juvi (Juvenile Hall). Trash Jr said he was almost crying (he doesn't cry) so it must have been really scary. She told him he was at that "magical age" where he could be sent to jail. Sounds like taunting to me. She had the names of the witnesses that could clear him, but she never checked with any of them. This same bitch that didn't want me to call the cops when he got sprayed with paint thinner was now threatening to send my son to jail. Once again I was never contacted. I guess she thought I wouldn't find out. WRONG.

When Trash Jr. got home he told me and I called the school. Of course she had left for the day, so I talked to the principal. She promised to look into it and call me back today. I figured it would be best if I stayed away from the school, I have a very violent temper when properly provoked, otherwise I'm the nicest serial killer you could ever meet. I don't condone hitting women but I really wouldn't have any issues with punching AP in the face. I think she's a man trapped in a woman's body, and she didn't pick a very good one to get trapped in either.

Thursday night Trash Jr's teacher called Jen and told her he had hit a "special needs" kid during art class. He hit the kid because the kid called him gay. Trash Jr. doesn't handle name calling very well, the teacher told him he should have told on the kid instead of hitting him. The teacher also said she over heard Trash Jr. and Hunter discussing making a bomb. Damage control at the school was in full swing. Jen called me at work and told me everything. I talked to Trash Jr. on the phone and got all my facts straight.

This morning I talked to the teacher, everything went OK. She agreed to call me anytime my little trouble magnet had problems. Then the principal called and said she had spoken to AP and DQ and Trash Jr. Supposedly it was all fixed. I asked her about the taunting way AP had threatened to send Trash Jr. to Juvi. She said she was not aware of that. I informed her that if AP had anything else to do with my son I would file harrasment charges and get a restraining order. Now my sons care falls on the principals shoulders. She was OK with that. I asked her if she was aware of the "kill teacher" note. She didn't have a clue. She promised to look into it. Problem solved, right? WRONG.

This afternoon when Trash Jr. came home we had a little discussion. Seems he told the teacher this kid was calling him gay. In fact he told her several times. She did nothing about it, so he fixed it himself. The bomb discussion was just Hunter telling Trash Jr. that he had a friend that used some fire crackers to blow up some toys in his backyard. AP took Trash Jr. into her office again this afternoon even after I left instructions for her to stay away from him. This is far from over.

On top of all this I was awakened this afternoon by a Deputy Sheriff banging on my front door. I was served with a subpoena to be a witness for the state against my neighbor. Y'all remember him. He was the guy introducing his tallywacker to the kindly neighborhood folks. I didn't see any thing. I just took care of his kids until his wife came home. Tune in next week for the next episode of "The Tallywacker and the Vice Principal That Wished She Had One."

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