Friday, January 07, 2005

Stayin' Alive

WARNING: Explit...Expiltc... Exlipc.... Story about fucking.

The year was 1980, I was 15 years old. I met a girl named Geena, she was from the wrong side of the tracks, which was cool because I was too. However my mom didn't want me to see her because she was from a long ways on the wrong side of the tracks. My mom liked to think we lived on the other side, but we didn't.

Mom always thought she was better and she is. I on the other hand know my roots and accept them with open arms. Hell, I'm proud to be The Trashman.

Back to Geena. She was poor white trash in every sense of the word. But she was HOT poor white trash.

My brother and I used to fix our beds up, so it looked like we were in them and then climb out the window and steal our mom's car. I would have him drop me off at Geena's house and then he would cruise around town and pick me up at a set time so we could sneak back home. Sometimes I took the car and would ride around with Geena, always hoping to get me some good lovin'.

Geena's mom thought I was the greatest thing since sliced bread. As far as she was concerned I came from money. I was in high school and held a full time job. I think she was hoping Geena and I would get serious enough that I would take one of her kids off her hands. So where Geena was involved, I could do no wrong. There wasn't any problem with me coming over at all times of the night to take her precious daughter on a little joy ride. I being 15, had a different kind of "JOY" ride on my mind.

I was a walking hormone. When I showed up at Geena's house I would ring the door bell with my dick, if I didn't feel like ringing the bell, my dick would knock on the door for me. I tried and tried and tried, but to no avail. I just couldn't get her out of her pants. Over the course of the summer I began to notice that when we were tongue rasslin' and swappin' spit she would get a little more receptive to my advances if the Bee Gee's came on the radio. I know it sounds weird but The Brothers Gibb made her hot. That's when the evil plan entered my devious little brain.

I bought The Bee Gee's Greatest Hits and the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever on 8-track. I know, I know, but mom's car only had an 8-track player.

I picked up Geena that night and drove her to a secluded spot. I put on the Greatest Hits tape and began to get busy. My plan was working, by the third song I had a handful of tit. Song number five and I was knuckle deep in the holiest of holies. Song number seven, her pants were off and I was about to score. That's when the police showed up. Back in those days there were only two or three cops at most on duty at night. She scrambled back into her pants and I stepped out of the car to explain that we were just hanging out. He told me to take her home and get home myself. You gotta love those small town police. I drove Geena home and picked up where I left off. Right in the parking lot in front of her apartment I sealed the deal.

Geena was a virgin. I was as shocked as you are. However after the initial "Ow that hurts." and the bleeding she became, "Geena-She Wolf of the Backseat". You just gotta love a woman that kicks, bites, screams, and scratches. I know I do.

From that moment on every time I saw Geena, all she wanted to do was fuck. I didn't have any problem with that. It was just getting difficult to find places to park. Her brothers liked to sneak up to the car a when we parked outside of her apartment and act like little pricks. Every time I found a dark spot around town the police would cruise by, which would put me in a panic, because I didn't have a license and it was stolen car even though it was my moms. But we managed somehow.

One night, my brother and I snuck out without fixing the beds. We figured it had been all summer and we never got caught, what are the odd's now? He dropped me off at Geena's and left. I was in luck. Geena's brothers were gone to their dad's for the weekend and her mom was bedridden with arthritis. Let the fucking begin. She closed the door to her mom's room and I put on the Bee Gee's nice and low. It was party time.

Now this is second hand information. My mom woke up and for some odd reason decided to check on my brother and I. She opened our bedroom door and to her surprise we were gone. She looked outside and her car was gone too. She borrowed the neighbors car and drove around town until she found my brother cruising the streets. She made him follow her home and then she asked where I was. The rat bastard told her everything.

Geena had one foot on the floor and one leg up over my shoulder. I was plowing her field like a good farmer should. It was hot, wet, nasty, sticky, young love gone crazy. I was in mid stroke when the front door flew open. We both looked up and there stood my mother. Let me tell you I don't believe I've ever seen that look in the eye's of anything except a rabid dog. Yet throughout this whole deal my hard-on didn't waver one bit. I was fifteen and I could have driven nails with my dick.

Mom (growling): "When you're done get your pants on and get your ass out to the car."
She turned and walked out closing the door behind her. I looked at Geena and she looked at me. I don't know who was more scared or embarrassed. I finished the stroke I was in the middle of before we were so rudely interrupted. Oh man did it feel good. I started buttering her muffin like nothing ever happened.

Geena (shocked): "What are you doing?"
Trashman: "Huh?"
Geena: "You gotta stop.... your mom...."
Trashman: "You heard her. She said WHEN I'm done."

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