Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

Tonight I built a fire and much like my forefathers did in the caves, I sat and stared into the flames. As I watched the embers float up the chimney and the flames lick the walls of the fireplace my mind wandered to happy thoughts of the past.

Thoughts like sitting on the floor at my Grandfathers feet as he read stories from The Big Book of Fairy Tales and Other Bull Shit by firelight. Or like the time me and some buddys were on the way to see a dead body our friend Vern found and we stopped to camp in the woods and we sat around the campfire telling stories.

Sitting by the ocean with the flavor of the week hanging on me like a cheap suit and drinking beer with my friends watching the flames and listening to the waves. The best was remembering drinking wine, butt naked on a bear skin rug and making sweet love to the Swedish bikini model by the fireplace in the ski lodge in Vermont.

Hanging out with buddies deep in the woods of Alaska staying warm by the fireside waiting for the sun to come up so we could resume hunting the Kodiaks. Even better rain dancing around the fire with the Aborigines of Australia trying to rid the land of the white man.

Yep. That fire brought make all sorts of memories. To bad none of them were mine.

Keep on keeping on.