Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yodeling In The Valley

OK. Y'all are getting this story because I get most my readers at noon on Monday. This happened a couple of weeks ago.

I was standing at the counter (lookin' good as usual) when a black girl approached with her items. She set them down and I proceeded to ring them up. In the following conversation she will be referred to as BC (black chick).

BC: "Damn. You have a nice moustache."
Trash: "Thanks."
BC: "No. I mean it's really nice. Like all perfect and shit."
Trash: "Yeah. Well I have a lot of practice maintaining it."
BC: "It's like not to thick here or too thin here and it's the same length on both sides. It's really nice."
Trash: "Yeah. OK. Thanks again."
BC: "I bet you can save a lot of flavor in that moustache."
Trash: " What?"
BC: "You know. When you eat pussy. I bet you saves lots of flavor."
Trash: "Huh?"
BC: " I'd be like a kid on a new bike with that thing. You couldn't get me off of it."
Trash: "HA HA HA."
BC: "No really. In fact you wouldn't be eatin' my pussy. My pussy would be eatin, your face. You ever eat a black girl's pussy?"
Trash: "No."
BC: "You want to?"
Trash: "Well as intrigued as I am, I'll have to decline. I'm married."
BC: "She would find out too. You would probably drown in my pussy."
Trash: "Your total is $14.72"
BC: "Here you go baby. Tell you what. You ever gets divorced and you wanna try some black pussy. You just ask for Sheprecia."
Trash: "OK. You have a good evening."
BC: "You too baby and don't shave that thing off it's beautiful."

Keep on eating at the Y.