Saturday, January 09, 2010

That Smell

I get assaulted everyday with stench. Whether it's the smell off the bums that come into the store. Or the smell of weed off the stoners. We've had to wash the change the bums give us because the smell was so bad. But I believe the worse yet was when I went in the men's room and came out stoned because some fucker was in there toking up. I don't smoke weed because I don't like weed. So I really don't want to come out of the men's room with the fucking munchies. And don't let me get started on personal hygiene, some of the regulars could certainly use a shower. Especially the bums. Tonight I had to smell everything from weed, body odor, day old beer, old smoke, ass breath, and some of the ladies were sporting a yeasty hot tuna odor.

My nose has been broken more than a dozen times (in fights I always lead with my face, could you imagine how pretty I would be if I didn't) so I have to wonder how bad they must really stink.

Oh and you beaners need to lay off the cheap cologne.

Keep on washing your ass.