Monday, January 18, 2010

No Mo Romo

There are two things the Dallas Cowboys need to do to begin fixing their problems. The first one is, they need to get rid of that incompetent idiot they call a quarter-back. He has no passion for the game. He just doesn't give a fuck. Why should he? He's going to get paid 67 million dollars, win or lose. He has loads of God given talent and ability, but he has no drive. He should just take his money and disappear, make room for somebody that has the desire to win.

Now the second thing they need to do, can never be done. Jerry Jones needs to step down as General Manager. He doesn't know a damn thing about football. He is one hell of a businessman, but that doesn't give him the ability to make the day to day decisions that have to be made to run a successful football team. After today's game he started making excuses for Romo, he made it sound like the offensive line let them down. I got news for you Jerry. Romo is the leader, his attitude is going to be contagious. He don't care why should they? Herein lies the problem with Jones. He can't admit his mistakes and Romo is the biggest mistake he's ever made except when he fired Jimmy Johnson simply because Johnson wouldn't agree with him. Nope Joneses ego will always keep the Cowboys down. Luckily he can't live forever.

Go Jets.