Thursday, October 07, 2004

Life On The Line Part 1

This is a long story. I am going to break it down in parts. I am going to try to write a little each night until it's finished. I come off like a real asshole in this story. I guess because at this point in my life I WAS a real asshole. Some will like it, but most probably will not. I don't make apologies, It's just what happened.

In a previous life I was a pimp. I know that some people get upset over the whole pimp thing. Jen does, it was a bad time for us. We were separated and I have a habit of letting trouble find me. It would still be that way but I manage to avoid trouble by never leaving the house. I am now devoted entirely to Jen and the kids.

Back in this previous life I surrounded myself with a strange collection of characters. There was a small collection of rich boys, some gangsters, some wanna be gangsters, some gamblers, some thugs, and of course I had attracted the attention of the police. This story involves every one in this collection of mental defectives.

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was in the back room of an old boxing club located up stairs from a sausage factory. The thugs had snatched a guy off the street and were busy beating on him while me and the wanna be gangster watched. At the end of this little episode the WBG had made a deal with the thugs for $1000.00 to snatch up another guy and tenderize him for a while. Unknowingly he made a deal to have a guy that was already dead, to be tuned up.

We didn't hear anything from the thugs for awhile. Eventually they came around and said everything was taken care of. That was that, and the ordeal was over. Or so we thought. A few months later I was dragged out of a motel room by the police and my nose was packed with coke. One of the detectives proceeded to interrogate me on the spot.

Detective 1: "You Trashman?"
Trashman: "This week I am."
Detective 1: "Oh, I see you're a funny man. So where's your shit?"
Trashman: "What shit?"
Detective 1: "Your coke. We know you're coked up."
Trashman: "I ain't got none."
Detective 1: "Lean your head back."
I comply.
Detective 1: "You got a rock the size of Gibraltar stuck in your nose."
Trashman: (laughing) "Exactly, I did it all and I ain't got none left."
At this point Detective 1 drew back his arm like he was going to punch me and Detective 2 grabbed him and said "Don't, we need this guy."
Detective 2: "Can you drive downtown."
Trashman: "Sure, you guys got me so the paranoia is gone."
Once we got downtown I was seated in the office of the DA.
Detective 2: " You want something to drink?"
Trashman: "Sure, how a bout a coke?"
Detective 1 "That figures."
I just smiled.

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