Friday, October 08, 2004

Life On The Line Part 2

I was smiling because I knew they didn't have shit on me. I was teflon, nothing could stick to me. I was smarter than them. I was coked up out of my fucking mind. If they were going to arrest me they would have already done it. Detective 2 had already let the cat out of the bag. They needed me. I didn't know what they were after but I wasn't going to make it easy.

The DA laid some pictures out one by one. These picture were all located in the parking lot of the sausage factory.
The first picture was JB (the kid the thugs had roughed up in front of me).
DA: "You know this guy?"
Trashman: "Nope."
The second picture was Wanna Be Gangster.
DA: "How about this guy?"
Trashman: "Nope."
The third and fourth pictures were Thug 1 and Thug 2.
DA: "Know either one of these guys?"
Trashman: "Nope."
The fifth picture was The Saint (one hell of a nice guy & a notorious gambler).
DA: "I know you know this guy."
Trashman: "Picture doesn't ring any bells."
The next picture was a mug shot. I really didn't know this guy. He was just some Puerto Rican kid.
DA: "You ever seen this guy?"
Trashman: "I can honestly say I never saw this guy."
The next picture was a group shot of me, WBG, Thug 1, Thug 2, and The Saint all standing together in the parking lot.
DA: "You sure you don't know any of these guys?"
Trashman: "I might know that one." I pointed at me in the group picture.

At this point I knew something really bad had gone wrong. I wasn't sure what it was yet but the hair on my neck was standing up and I was starting to get really nervous. I knew one thing, I wasn't going to let them see me sweat. All I could do was ride this out and see what happened.

DA: "I'm going to give you a chance to come clean and tell me what you know."
Trashman: "Come clean about what? You know I know those guys, except for the guy in the mugshot. How about you tell me what you know."
DA: "I know the guy in the mugshot is dead. I'm also sure you knew it too."

UhOh alarm bells are ringing off the hook. I had to step carefully here or my ass was going to be in the ringer.
Trashman: "I can tell you this. I don't know anything about anybody being dead. I don't know that guy. What's his fucking name?"
DA: "Puerto Rican Kid."

Now I know I'm truly fucked. It was the name of the guy WBG paid the thugs to rough up. Sounds like they might have gotten carried away. Being in the room when the deal was struck might make me an accessory.

DA: "I'm going to give you two scenerios. Your going to tell me which one is right. Otherwise I'm going to put you in jail."
Trashman: "Go ahead."
DA: "You were there when PRK was killed. Or you knew about it in advance."
Trashman: "Wrong on both accounts."
DA: "Didn't you hear me say I was going to put you in jail?"
Trashman: "Go ahead and put me in jail. Because if either one of those choices were right I would be going to jail anyway."
DA: "You're telling me you didn't know anything about PRK being killed."
Trashman: "Not a fucking thing."
DA: "I don't want to prosecute you. I'm after WBG and Thugs 1 & 2."
Trashman: "I'm not a snitch."
DA: "You don't have to snitch. I just need you to confirm some things. You tell us what you know and we won't prosecute you."
Trashman: "All I have to do is confirm something someone else already told you?"
DA: "That's right."
Trashman: "Put it in writing."
Detective 1: "We should read him his rights first."
Trashman: "You read me my rights and I'm shutting the fuck up. No way you're going to protect yourselves with my rights. No prosecution means no prosecution."
Detective 1: "Your rights protect you not us."
Trashman: "Fuuuuuck You. Go ahead and read them, then get me a fucking lawyer."
Detective 1: "You don't seem to understand...."
Trashman: "YOU don't seem to understand. I know how that shit works. Anything I tell you before my rights are read to me and before I sign a Miranda statment can not be held against me. Anything after that, well my ass is yours no matter what deal I make with the DA. You'll just go to another level to prosecute. Now, you want my help or are you locking me up?"

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