Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Life On The Line Part 11

I left Kelli's feeling better about life in more ways than one. I guess we were on again. The next day I walked out to my truck I noticed a big black Lincoln parked a few spots down. The driver was obviously Italian. He was sitting in the car reading the paper. When I pulled out of the parking lot he followed me. This went on all day. If I went to the store, he would get out and follow me in. Everywhere I went, the same thing. He would park a couple of spots away and just walk about 30 feet behind me. I went by The Saint's shop and he stayed in his car watching the parking lot.

Trashman: "Hey. Saint come look out this window."
The Saint: "What am I looking at?"
Trashman: "You see that Lincoln?"
The Saint: "The one with the goomba?"
Trashman: "That's the one."
The Saint: "Who is he?"
Trashman: "Not sure. Vinny or Vic or something like that. I haven't asked. He's been following me all day."
The Saint: "Why? Is he a cop?"
Trashman: "No. I went to see Kelli."
The Saint: "Are you fucking stupid?"
Trashman: "I think he works for her Uncle Paulie."
The Saint: "Are you fucking stupid?"
Trashman: "What am I supposed to do? The paranoia is eating me up. We know The Thugs are going to try to catch me here."
The Saint: "Are you fucking stupid?"
Trashman: "Do you want this place shot up and turned into a crime scene?"
The Saint: "No. I guess you had to go see her. But she's going to be the death of you. If you don't wind up getting killed over this crap now you're going to owe Uncle Paulie."
Trashman: "Not even. This favor is for her, not me. I'm in the free and clear."
The Saint: "One of these days that free and clear shit is going to bite you in the ass."
Trashman (laughing): "Until it does, lets play some cards."
The Saint: "I'm not allowed to gamble."
Trashman: "Huh?"
The Saint: "It's part of the deal with The CP Boys. Since WBG called them a Mickey Mouse organization, they want his money, not mine and they're willing to wait for it. In the meantime I'm not allowed to gamble. If they catch me so much as playing quarters, then I owe WBG's debt."
Trashman: "I told you everything would work out."
The Saint: "Fuck you. I need the extra money."
Trashman: "So rent me a spot for a couple of tables."
The Saint (smiling): "They didn't say I couldn't do that. But that what about The Thugs?"
Trashman: "I'll bring JJ and there's also that guard dog in the Lincoln. I'll call Kelli and have Uncle Paulie speed things up."
The Saint: "When do you want to do this?"
Trashman: "Sometime in the next week. I need the money too. When I leave here I'll go buy some tables and have them delivered. If The CP Boys stop by, just show them the receipt in my name."

As I was walking out to my truck I turned and walked over to the Lincoln. I bent down and looked at the guy.
Trashman: "Dude. Don't make it so obvious."
The next day he was following me in a taxi.

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