Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Life On The Line Part 5

I sat back and surveyed my work. I was satisfied that I could make these Neanderthals understand.

Trashman: "First things, second. I don't work for WBG. I did at one time but then I became his partner. The Saint was never his partner just a part time employee and friend of sorts."
DA: "Then why did he pay for everything on his credit cards?"
Trashman: "That's how he paid us when he lost money to us, usually at black jack. I'm still surprised you were able to get his credit card information. You must have been trying to build a Rico case against us."
Detective 1: "Like you would know anything about a Rico case."
Trashman: "I know you weren't able to build one, that's why you brought me in as a witness on a murder case."
Detective 2: "You want a job when we're through with this crap?"
Trashman (laughing): "Nope. I'm going back into the escort business."
DA: "Can we get back to the case?"
Trashman: "I wasn't muscle for them. I did run off some collectors but that's the extent of it. I wish I had it to do all over again. WBG would be in a wheelchair."
DA: "Why did you separate from him?"
Trashman: "He doesn't know how to treat the girls. They may be pros but they're not slaves. He tried to force them to work and when I stood up for them it wasn't pretty. So we went different directions."
DA: "Weren't you worried about repercussions?"
Trashman: "No, but he was. He went so far as to try and hire some kind of security."
DA: "Is that when he hired the thugs?"
Trashman: "They had already done some work for him. When we went our separate ways, they were in the business competing with him."
DA: "How many agencies are there?"
Trashman: "About 20 just in this area."
Detective 1: "We want to know who is running them."
Trashman: "Ask somebody else."
DA: "Tell us what you know about the thugs."
Trashman: "Thug 1 is smart. Scary smart. Thug 2 is his cousin. He's not so smart but he's dangerous, and I mean really fucking dangerous."
DA: "Do they accept a lot of contracts?"
Trashman: "I don't know if they ever accepted any contract. They didn't get a contract for PRK from WBG."
DA: "Then why did they kill him?"
Trashman: "You're asking the wrong mother fucker. They came to WBG and told him JB was trying to find someone to fuck him up and PRK accepted the contract."
Detective 2: "So WBG took out a contract in retaliation?"
Trashman: "WBG only paid the thugs to beat on PRK a little just like they did to JB."
DA: "Why don't you tell us what happened in the boxing club?"
Trashman: "This has nothing to do with WBG being married to JB's ex. Except maybe in the fact JB wanted her back. The thugs came to WBG and told him JB wanted him dead. WBG paid the thugs to rough up JB a little where we could watch. They did a pretty good number on him, in fact he pissed himself. After they were done WBG gave then another grand to find PRK and do the same thing to him."
DA: "Was The Saint there?"
Trashman: "No, he missed it all because he had to go get a haircut because he was going to his mothers for Easter."
Detective 1: "That gave him a whole week."
Trashman: "No, it gave him a whole day. This happened on Friday and Easter was on Sunday."
Detective 2: "You sure this didn't happen a week before Easter?"
Trashman: "Positive. Why?"
DA: "PRK was shot Saturday a week before Easter."

Finally the last piece of the puzzle. Now I knew what was going on. I was free and clear. I was going to walk out of there with a clear conscience. Just a little more to tell the clowns and I would be on my way. The only thing I would have to worry about was The Thugs.

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