Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Life On The Line Part 7

I laid the story out from the beginning. The whole time The Saint sat there staring at me like I grew another head. When I was done he laid his head on the desk, he stayed that way for awhile. He eventually looked up at me. I don't believe I've ever see anyone turn that pale. He knew as well as I did he could never survive in jail.

The Saint: "What do I do?"
Trashman: "Go in and offer testimony. They're trying to say you are WBG's partner."
The Saint: "I'm not his fucking partner. You were."
Trashman: "I know that, but they want to believe otherwise. I think you should go to them before they come looking for you."
The Saint: "How do I tell them I found out? You weren't supposed to tell anyone."
Trashman: "Tell them JB told you. I think they're mad at him for not telling the truth about the ass kicking anyway. This will piss them off at him even more."
The Saint: "What do I do about WBG?"
Trashman: "Distance yourself from him. If he owes you, collect and if you owe him, pay up. But whatever you do stay the fuck away from him."
The Saint: "I have another problem."
Trashman: "We can't afford another problem."
The Saint: "WBG is into the CP Boys for about 50 grand. He told them he wasn't paying them and that they were a Mickey Mouse operation."
Trashman: "Let me guess. You vouched for him?"
The Saint: "I'm going to have to tell them that he is being investigated so that they will stay away from him, and you now what that means."
Trashman: "You assume his debt."
The Saint: "What the fuck am I going to do? I don't have 50 grand."
Trashman: "We'll cross that bridge later, just be sure you tell them."
The Saint: "Ohhh. I am so fucked."
Trashman: "We'll get the money even if we have to go to Vegas to do it. Just buy some time."
The Saint: "I don't know how much I can buy."
Trashman: "The CP Boys know your good for it. They'll give us what we need. If I have to I'll bust WBG's legs for them, it would be worth the time after this crap. Plus I might be safer in jail after Thug 1 finds out I talked to the cops.
The Saint: "Oh shit, I forgot I owe him a grand."
Trashman: "Wwwhhhhyyyy?"
The Saint: "We were shooting craps."
Trashman: "Pay him and keep him away from here."
The Saint: "OK. OK. Uh how do I keep him away?"
Trashman: "Tell him you quit gambling or something. I don't know. Tell him you just got a big contract and you're going to be too busy to gamble. Just keep him away."
The Saint: "You know he's going to find out."
Trashman: "Yeah but we don't have to rush it. In the meantime I'll send JJ (my two legged pit-bull) by here and you can put him to work. He'll keep you safe."
The Saint: "I could use the help. Will he work for $9.00 an hour?"
Trashman: "Put him on the books and I'll make the rest up to him. He can still do collections at night."
The Saint: "Who do I talk to down at the cop shop?"
Trashman: "Ask for Detective 2. He seems like a straight shooter. Just answer the questions, don't offer any information."
The Saint: "Are we going to be OK?"
Trashman: "We'll be fine. I have a lot of thinking to do, so I'm going to go. Walk outside with me."

On the way to my truck I stopped and looked at the 15 story building again.

Trashman: "Who all has offices in that building?"
The Saint: "Most of it is the bank and a bunch of lawyers. I think up near the top they have some F.B.I. offices. Why?"
Trashman (smiling): "Wait until you see the pictures."

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