Monday, October 18, 2004

Life On The Line Part 10

The next couple of weeks were fairly uneventful. I was out of business and I was relaxing as best as I could. I spent as much time visiting the kids as mine and Jen's arguing would allow. Visiting the kids became work in itself. Everytime I saw a car rolling through the complex at low speeds or high speeds for that matter, I would have to look over at The Machine to see if he recognized the people. He was good for that, he knew everyone in the neighborhood. JJ found out The Thugs had some idea of where I used to live, but for the most part they were watching the girls that used to work for me, and if that didn't pan out they were going to try to catch me at The Saint's shop.

One day I woke up to a knock on my motel room door. I went into a panic. When I looked out the peep hole it was just the maid. I had slept really late. I guess all the stress was getting to me. That's when I decided to call Kelli. We had a very on again - off again relationship. At the time we were off again. I met her shorly after Jen and I had split up. I was walking through a store in the mall, when she offered me a spray of some new cologne. When I declined the bitch sprayed me anyway. I turned to yell at her when I noticed she was a stunning Italian girl. She had a great figure, too much eye shadow, bright red lipstick, bleach blonde hair, and when I looked in her eyes I new she was fucking crazy. I decided then, I had to have her. The bitch was stone cold nuts, that's why we were off again. Right then she was the only one that could put a complete stop to this shit.

Trashman: "Kelli? You there, pick up the phone."
Kelli: "Hey baby. Where have you been?"
Trashman: "I'm in trouble. I need your help."
Kelli: "Come to my house. Whatever you need."

When I pulled up she was sitting on the porch. She ran out to my car and threw her arms around my neck.

Kelli: "What's wrong Daddy?"
Trashman: "We can play later. Right now I need you to listen to me."
Kelli: "OK. What do you need me to do?"

I ran the whole story by her. The whole time she was looking at me with those crazy green eyes. It was hard to keep my mind on the matters at hand. After I finished the story we stood up and went in the house. She sat me at the kitchen table and picked up the phone. She called her Uncle Paulie (for lack of a better name). This part was relayed to me by her.

Kelli: "Uncle Paulie, I need you to do something."
UP: "What do you need?"
Kelli: "My boy friend is in some trouble and I need you to make it go away."
UP: "Is that the same guy from Vegas?"
Kelli: "He didn't mean any disrespect."
UP: "I asked IS that the same guy from Vegas?"
Kelli: "Yes sir."
UP: "I like him. He's got balls."
Kelli: "So, you'll do this for me?"
UP: "What's the nature of his problem?"

Kelli ran the story by her Uncle. She told him everything, including the fact Jen and the boys might be in danger.

UP: "So, your boyfriend is married and you're the goomar?"
Kelli: "It's not like that. They're split up and they're not ever getting back together."
UP: "You sure? I don't want you getting hurt."
Kelli: "What's going to hurt me is if I lose him to those killers."
UP: "OK. I'll take care of it. I need their names and where I can find them."
Kelli: "Thug 1 and Thug 2. They run drugs in P-Town."
UP: "Ask you're boyfriend if he wants a job."
Kelli: "He can't work for you."
UP: "Why not?"
Kelli: "He gets himself in enough trouble."

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