Saturday, October 23, 2004

Life On The Line...Conclusion

Here it is folks the end of this little tale. I would like to thank everyone who stopped by and read my story. It is a true story, the only things changed were the names (to protect my sweet ass). I'm not too sure about the statute of limitations on some things. There are lots of side stories that took place before, during, and after this one. I will touch on those at a later date. I have told this story one or two times but never in this detail, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I was amazed at the feelings and emotions the re-telling of this tale brought back to me. I have mixed emotions about ending this. In a way I hate to end it because of the attention you have all given me, yet at the same time I am glad it's over with. Hopefully it will take the paranoia and panic attacks with it.

Here's what happened to everyone.

WBG: Serving 5 years for repeatedly being busted for promoting prostitution.
Thug 1: Copped a plea for 5 years for involuntary manslaughter.
Thug 2: Copped the same plea, plus another 10 years for trying to kill his lawyer.
JB: ????
The Saint: Did 5 years probation for promoting prostitution (side story). Still gambling.
CP Boys: Waiting for WBG to get out of prison.
JJ: Training with Tim Witherspoon.
The Machine: ????
M1: Married with children. Feds raided his fathers house for insider trading.
M2: ????
Brad: Gave up family owned business to deal drugs.
Uncle Paulie: As far as I know he's still Da Man.
Kelli: Still crazy, always will be. That's all I know about her.
The Detectives: Does it really matter? They tried to get me, but they failed.
Trashman, Jen, and the boys: Got the fuck out of town at a later date due to more of my stupidity. Another story for another time.

This story covered a few months. I'm not real sure how long because I was cokeified most of the time. I really miss those days sometimes but mostly I'm OK with life the way it is. Yeah sure, I can't fly off to South Beach or Vegas anytime I want. Yet being on the straight and narrow does have it's advantages. For instance I no longer have to look over my shoulder all the time. I don't have to break out into a sweat every time I see a cop (I still do, but I don't have to). I love my wife and kids and it's great to be reunited (and it feels so good). LOL I learned a few things along the way, some important some not so important. I learned family is everything. I learned true friends like The Saint and JJ are rare treasures. I learned you never hit on 15 when the dealer is showing a 6. But I believe the biggest thing I learned is...

Pimping ain't easy... but it pays real well.

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