Tuesday, November 11, 2008

19 More Post Left

This video was offered to me by my doppelganger (evil twin) to help me fulfill my PoHoThoBlo obligations. I submit this video as proof that comedic genius runs in the family. Even though my brother made an innocent (HA) video of a snake dining on a mouse. I say it is much more. It is a prophetic look at the next four years in America. It represents what Obama (the snake) is going to do the American people (the mouse). I know you're wondering what is so funny about a snake eating a mouse. That part is the evil that courses through my brothers veins. Every time I watch it I hope this time he won't get eaten. For those of you that can't stomach the death of one of Gods little miracles, the funny part starts at 1:08 of the video. So, stay to the end and have a laugh. With Obama in office there won't be too many more of those.

Yes I realize it's Veterans Day. Thanks to ALL the veterans, including me.

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