Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll Make You Famous

Today we discuss Michael/Andrew from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. His IP address is . We shall call him Biff. I think Biff is more of a college name, and since his real name is neither Michael or Andrew then Biff will do just fine. Biff doesn't leave an email address or a blog address.

Biff has attacked me in my comments. He first used the name Michael when I posted this. He started using the name Andrew with this post. I don't have a problem being attacked. The problem I have is Biff attacked my wife and children.

Biff seems confused. He referred to me as "right-wing Christo-fascist racist, homophobic trash". Lets break that down, right-wing meaning I lean towards the conservative side of life. That would be wrong, conservative I ain't. I do believe in The Constitution and owning guns and all that shit but conservative, never. Christo-fascist. Well since he capitalized Christo it seems like he maybe a Christian himself. Racist. We all are to an extent. Homophobic. This one is laughable since in a later comment he made remarks that perhaps I was engaging in homosexual acts with my sons (only a truly sick person could come up with something like that) it seems like he may have problems with the queers. I am one of their biggest supporters when it comes to gay marriage. Which would also prove I'm not right-wing nor Christo-fascist nor homophobic. The only part he got right was racist trash and I'm not really that racist. I don't dislike skin color. I just dislike behavior and most of the people that behave a certain way all happen to have the same skin color. Now that we have established that Biff doesn't know what he's talking about lets discuss why he chose to attack me and more importantly my family.

I believe Biff has attacked my family because he is jealous. Perhaps Biff wants to be like me. Maybe Biff has no family and never will. I'm not going to say he's to ugly to find a mate because I've never seen him. I know he's an angry person so maybe that's why he'll never procreate. Maybe he pushes everyone away with his anger.

I know he has said some really foul things about Jen and the boys. Three innocent people. Why attack the innocent, Biff? Why? Couldn't you just direct your anger at me personally? Is it because you know what you say about me is ineffective? So instead you attack innocents? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel like a big man? Do you puff your chest out and say "I'm a tough guy"? Well Biff, are you a tough guy?

Maybe you attack me because I'm a high school drop out and you're a college dude and yet I have more talent in my pathetic little dick than you could ever hope to have coursing through your veins.

Have you ever been anywhere or done anything, Biff? Or have you just always lived with Mommy and Daddy? Is that it Biff? Are you to scared to leave the nest? Are you afraid to try things so you sit behind your computer and read about other peoples lives and pass judgement on them?

You attack people that don't agree with you politically. Seems like that would make you a rabid liberal. You are so happy to conform to what the liberals want, you're ready to sell your soul to the government. Anything so that Big Brother will take care of you. So they will keep you safe. So they will control your life. So you don't have to make any decisions. So you can sit in front of that monitor and live a false life and anyone that doesn't conform to you ways must be "right-wing Christo-fascist racist, homophobic trash". Are you angry because I don't conform Biff, angry because I believe in free speech?

I do believe in free speech because I could block your IP. I could delete your comments. I'm just going to let you keep on commenting, because of free speech and every time you attack my family you prove how ignorant you are. Every time you attack my family you show the world what true Obama supporters are like. Pathetic, scared, cowardly little people.

The whole problem Biff, is that I track you. I know when and what you're reading. I know you've never read my archives. So you don't really understand. I've had two contracts on me, yet I'm still here. See Biff, you're pissing off the wrong guy. Say what you want about me, it's like water off a ducks back but talk shit about my wife and kids. Well that's like poking a sleeping grizzly with a stick. Don't wake the grizzly Biff.

This is an invite to Biff. Email me . Do you have the balls Biff? Are you going to continue to hide? Step out into the light Biff. The truth shall set you free.

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