Thursday, November 27, 2008

Three Times

It's that time again. Time for my annual things I'm thankful for or things I'm thankful for not having.

I'm thankful
1. That at least once a year Jen knows her role. She cooks and I watch football between naps.
2. All the girls I've loved before.
3. The price of gas has gone down.
4. The little briefs moments of silence between my kids arguments.
5. That it's still a little while before the devil is sworn in as President.
6. I'm not a Detroit Lion fan.
7. For Jell-O
8. For Jen fetching me a Jell-O
9. For spoons
10. For my right hand.
11. That I still have some teeth.
12. For mirrors. (I need to look at me)
13. For tater smashers. (Jens arms would really hurt if she had to smash taters with a fork)
14. For Sonics cherry lime aide.
15. For all the things I can think of for this list.
16. That NoMoPoHo is almost over.
17. For Vicodine (almost forgot)
18. For naps.
19. That some of y'all comment. (the rest of y'all need to work on that)
20. That this is the end of this list.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there that didn't vote for Obama. A very special Happy Thanksgiving to those that actually voted for me. And to those that voted for Obama. Thanks for bringing about the end of the world.

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