Monday, November 03, 2008

The Truth Is Right Here

Let me tell you about my wife Jen. She is a spiritual loving person. She feels no ill will towards anyone and she loves everybody (except for me). She doesn't have a prejudiced bone in her body. She truly believes in giving everyone a chance. If it weren't for Jen I would either be in prison or be with some psychotic slut ass stripper (not that that's a bad thing). She's just fucking wonderful, which drives me nuts sometimes. How am I gonna play Bonnie and Clyde with an actual honest person. If you don't believe what I am saying you can ask Jack (if you can find him) or Zelda or Jethro. They'll tell you I am completely out-classed.

Now the important part. When she sees Obama on TV she tells me that there's something wrong with him. She says he's EVIL. I believe her. I believe her because she doesn't say things like that about anybody. So you stupid fucks are about to vote the devil into the most powerful office in the world. So be ready to be branded with the sign. As far as me, I ain't going down without a fight. Y'all yell "All hail satan". I'll be living in the woods.

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