Friday, November 21, 2008

Eating Jello

I had some more teeth removed today. I don't know who hurt me more, the dentist or his assistant. I figure if I get 2 more removed, I can lose the shirt, wear overalls, get a cap that says "party nekkid" and move back to the trailer park. Things are looking up even if I can't grow a mullet.

I had the laughing gas. They need to get it checked. I think it went bad. I never laughed.

My teeth are bad due to past drug use, I guess I should have listened to momma. One good thing about the dentist is I got a BIG bottle of vicodin. They're even extra strength. I figure if I work the dosage just right, in 30 days I could be a full fledged junkie. There is another option though. Which reminds me. Does anyone know the street value of vicodin?

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