Monday, November 02, 2009

Another Restaurant Review

Today Jen and I went to lunch. Something we very rarely do, simply because we can't afford lunch and mostly we can't stand the company of one another. That's a joke. Sometimes we can afford lunch.

We stopped in at a dive that I pass on the way to work. Some guys had come into the store one day and told me it was great food, large portions and a cheap price. We were over that way today so we stopped in. The place has been there for about 40 years and I don't think they've redecorated a damn thing in that time. It's dark and dingy. There's animal heads, fish and rattle snakes mounted on the walls. My kinda atmosphere.

Charlie's Steak House
15601 Visions Dr.
Pflugerville, Texas

Jen had the nachos which consisted of 10 tortilla chips with refried beans and frijoles with squares of American cheese melted on them, all topped off with a slice of jalapenos on each one. The cost. $3.25

I had the chicken fried steak which is served with salad, fries (just fries, there's nothing french about them) a piece of toast and cream gravy. Cost. $8.75

Jen says the nachos were O.K. kinda of like you would expect them to make them 20 years ago. As far as my lunch goes, well we all know (if you've read me in the past) I have temperature issues with my food. No issues here. It was all hot enough to blister my mouth. Except for the salad. The ranch dressing was homemade. Good start. The chicken fried steak was homemade. I've had better but it was edible. The gravy was good. The toast was perfect and the fries could have been cooked a little longer. Everything was pretty O.K. up until Jen saw the cracker in the bottom of my water glass. I didn't have any crackers. For some reason I didn't complain. I think it was because there was an ashtray on my table. That's right. You can smoke there. To me that makes it all worth it.

I'll be posting everyday all month. With any luck I'll get my groove back and the post will get better. Keep coming back and reading, don't forget to leave a comment. Fuckers.

Keep on keeping on.