Monday, November 23, 2009

Give Me A Break

Michael Jackson. The gloved pedophile won 4 awards at the 2009 American Music Awards. He won for:
Favorite Male Artist: Michael Jackson
Favorite Album: Number Ones, Michael Jackson
Favorite Male Artist: Michael Jackson
Favorite Album: Number Ones, Michael Jackson

I got news for y'all. He's dead, fucking dead just like his career was years ago. The album "Number Ones" was from 2003. It was re-released after he went to hell.

Personally I don't understand how he could win shit. He's a fucking little boy raper. Favorite Pedophile is the only category he should be in. His brother showed up at the awards wearing a single glove and all the little Hollywood turds lined up to kiss his dead pedophilic ass.

His dad is still trying to get money from the estate and Los Angeles foot the bill for the funeral but their supposedly trying to get that back. The man killed himself with pills. It wasn't murder, no one forced him to be a boy loving junkie. He also died in debt. I probably will too but it wont be for owing money for millions of dollars worth of shit I purchased on a I'm-famous-so-you-have-to-let-me-take-this-and-I'll-pay-you-later-oops-did-I-say-you-were-going-to-have-to-sue-me-credit-line.

Then I hear some ass-monkey paid over $300,000 dollars for his fucking glove. I wonder how much little boy DNA was on that thing.

I'm just disgusted. Dead pedophiles winning awards. Socialist muslims running the country. We have muslims in the army. Movies like "Twilight" being made. Hollywood is ruing this country. They picked Hussein. They picked Michael. They make shit movies. They cry about the poor and under-privileged yet they all live in mansions. And the way Romo is playing the Cowboys will probably lose to the Raiders on Thanksgiving. Man the world is fucked up

FYI: I need to replace the broken timing chain in my car. Y'all need to buy some earrings.

Another quantity post brought to you by my lack of caring.

Keep on keeping on.