Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Have A New Ho

Last night I worked with Pretty Boy again. That always makes for fun times. One of his regular stalkers came in, we'll refer to her as Hot Chick. Hot Chick headed for the beer cooler and Pretty Boy started telling me about how the last time she came in she offered him either dirty or nasty sex. He couldn't remember which one. On her way out the door he asked her which one it was.

Hot Chick: "I can't say."
Pretty Boy: "Sure you can. Trash don't care."
Hot Chick: "I said freaky. You happy?"
Pretty Boy: "You shouldn't have left so quick, I was going to follow you."
Hot Chick: "What's wrong with now?"
Pretty Boy: "I gotta work."
Trash: "You're on break. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do."

They went outside and talked a little bit and made goo goo eyes at each other. After a few minutes they came in and went to the back store room. Pretty Boy couldn't look at me and he had to choke down a laugh as he passed. About 10 minutes later they came back out and she left. Pretty boy came behind the counter and smiled at me.

Trash: "That didn't last long. I'm disappointed in you."
Pretty Boy: "We didn't fuck or anything. She showed me her tits and then I showed her my dick. She played with a little bit and that was it."
Trash: "Well that was her freebie. Next time it's gonna cost her."
Pretty Boy: "Huh?"
Trash: "You're my new whore. I'm gonna pimp you out, right here at the counter."
Pretty Boy: "I bet I could make some money at that."
Trash: "Yep, and you're gonna hand it all over to me. Now get me some money. Bitch."

Keep on keeping on.