Saturday, November 28, 2009

Third World Neighborhood

There's quite a few trailer parks near where I work. Not the good kind that's all full of trailer trash and junk, but the kind that the government relocated Katrinas supposed victims to. So we sell a lot of malt liquor and single blunts.

There's also a night club right down the road where these "people" congregate every Wednesday and Friday night. When the club closes they descend upon us like a plague, trying to buy beer after hours, steal some condoms and smoke their demon weed. They come in droves. They also trash our bathrooms and the parking lot. They're fucking animals. There was a shooting in the parking lot last year and almost one last week. I've never seen an angry pot head until last night.

Last night was the first time I had to work 3rd shift. After they came in and destroyed the store (were not allowed to stop them, "Stop-n-Rob" has an open-door-make-the-customer-happy-no-matter-the-cost-policy) I made an observation to my fellow employee about the rudeness of these individuals. I found out that they were behaving better than normal. Yep. Not only am I a bad mother fucker, but evidently it shows also. What gets me is the female of the species is more asshole than the male. They have been known to refer to our females as "white cunt" "white bitch" "cracker ass ho" and assorted other names usually beginning with a skin color. The men just step up to the counter and say "Gimme a mild" or "I's need a grape rillo" (they seem to love the grape flavor) other than that they wont say a word to you. They also usually throw the money at you. I can tell you one thing. If this job doesn't kill me nothing will. I'm either going to get shot because I can only take so much shit or I'm going to explode. What I want to know is, can't we all get along?

I mean really, I can pretend to be nice to you and I do it for not much more than minimum wage. Would it kill you to pretend to be nice to me? It's only for 30 seconds or less. You don't impress me trying to act tough and you damn sure don't scare me. You know I don't like you (it has nothing to do with skin color, it's all about your fucked up ways) and I know you think I'm the white devil. But for 30 seconds we can be cordial. I'm doing my part for race relations. Do yours, or is that like finding a job, just too much hard work. Would you be nice if the government paid you to? How about it Hussien? Stimulate the economy by subsidizing the race relations. Give them money every time they act like a civilized human being, every time they smile at whitey, every time they turn down the car stereo.

I hope you enjoyed this post, just one of many late night last minute quantity post.

Charmed. No story, just an observation that I was hoping one of my many black readers could answer. Plus it was Black Friday so I questioned Black Chubby Chasers.

Keep on keeping on.