Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Final Frontier

Tonight I watched the new Star Trek movie. I've never been a big fan of space movies. I've never even seen a complete episode of Star Trek either. In fact I think we should thin the human population starting with trekkies. However that being said I will admit the new Star Trek movie is pretty alright. Lots of action, not to confusing but it could have used a little nudity.

I know enough about Star Trek to know James T. Kirk slept with anything with a wet hole, they could have touched on that a little more in the movie. They didn't mention those furry little dribble things that cause all sorts of problems and Dr. Spock while being logical never mentioned children or spanking. I know in the series Hans Solo was played by some deep voiced Korean dude and in the movie he was played by Harold of the "Harold and Fubar" movies, but they left out the wookie.I guess this takes place before he meets Chewcaca.

They had the Russian dude Mr. Jackhoff so they seemed to be introducing the original cast. They used a lot of the original catch phrases like "Dammit Jim I'm a doctor" and Scotty said "I'm giving her all I got Captain", once again that would have been a good spot for nudity. I don't remember the phrase "Bean me up Scotty" but they did say "Set your tasers on stun".

They did have the Romanlins but not the Klingy dudes or the storm troopers either and I am a bit confused by the absence of Darth Vader but I guess that will all be covered in the sequel.

All in all a good movie. I give it 4 trashcans out of 5. See it if you can. Until then.

Live long and party on, dudes.