Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Box Of Nothing

I don't know what to write about. It's late and I only have an hour till midnight. That's not enough time. I could write about Hussein or race relations or the fact that liberals are the devils disciples. I could write about Jr. and his six months probation and 8 hours community service. I could write about the wanna be gang bangers at his school. I can't write about work because nothing has happened. I cant write about Jen because she's a secretive type person while I'm a balls out kinda guy. I could write about my brothers new dog training school. I could write about a few internet ideas I'm trying to put into play. I could write about the bullet earrings y'all stopped buying. I could write about the two broken cars in my drive-way that make me official white trash. I could write about my wonderful landlord that's letting me live two months behind. I could write about how the bones in my arms and legs constantly feel like someone is bending the to the point of almost breaking. I could write about the disease I've decided that I have. It's called emphylukebetes and it's killing me. The problem is nobody wants to hear this shit anyway. This month of posting is all about quantity not quality. So I bring you another quantity post.

That's it.