Monday, November 30, 2009

Blaze Of Glory

I have decided not to die. Just yet. There's still a little fight left in this dog. That and I want to make sure a lot more people are miserable before I go. If not miserable at least annoyed. I have managed to do this so far but I got a ways to go.

I also want to make sure my death is as violent and painful as possible. Not necessarily for me, but someone's got to hurt. That and I want to know that they'll still be finding pieces of me a year later. That's right my death should involve CSI and crime scene clean-up. Hopefully some law enforcement agency with initials will need to be called in.

There's still lots of blood and pain but I'll march on. I always do. Just sometimes there's a little whining involved. The pain is the price I pay. The whining is the price y'all pay.

Thankfully this is the last of the quantity post, now maybe we can get back to the quality. When we do, I expect some comments, fuckers. I'll be talking more about my imminent death shortly, y'all should really enjoy that one.

Keep on keeping on.