Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Went to the high school today and yelled at the assistant principal's secretary. After almost making her cry or call the campus cop I was informed she would have the principal call me. He never did. I'll be back there in the morning.

My computers syphilis flared up today. Hopefully I've given it enough penicillin .

A few of you ladies decided to comment on my last post. First the proper shoe color is red. Black is a good substitute but only for the men that want to be controlled by the lady folks. Red is a whore color and that's what the real men like. Also I can tell from the comments that a few of you didn't understand rule 31. Study it, then get back to me.

I watched "The Ugly Truth" tonight. You must see this movie. Not only is it good and there's a lot of lessons for you women but, Katherine Heigl is fucking delicious. Oh the dirty things I would do to her.

That's it.